What is it?

Explore a digital world

You’re a Robinson in a living lego game. A world made of cubes: earth, water, sand, minerals, fauna and flora… whose rules govern it simulate ours (day & night, temperature, erosion, species reproduction…)

… Why not start by exploring it?

  • Present the rules of the game to your class (here an example [FR]])
  • Accompany them to their first connection.
  • Ask them to fill in a Explorer sheet [FR]

Getting Started

Framinetest Edu is a sandbox game world Minetest (world of blocks to edit) dedicated to education, pedagogical activities and the serious gaming.

Getting started:

  • Download the game;
  • Connect to our server;
  • Play!
  • Read documentation for more information.


Framinetest Edu is an instance of the server Minetest developed by the community minetest.

Minetest is under a Creative Commons By-SA 3.0 license.

Cultivate your garden

To participate in the development of the software, propose improvements or simply download it, go to the development site

If you want to install this software for your own use and thus gain in autonomy, we help you on :